Here are a few ideas to start your planning. I am happy to work with you to customize any of these, or we can design a special experience just for you.   *To enlarge any of the pictures on this page, click on the image*

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Humboldt Redwoods: home of the world’s tallest trees 

Lose track of time as you experience the largest remaining stand of protected Coast Redwoods in the world. Immerse yourself in an ancient forest of thousand-year-old trees. Discover how the trees themselves bear witness to the massive floods, raging fires, and threats of logging that they have endured.

Trinidad area: rocks, ocean, wildlife   

Trinidad_069_.jpg (112238 bytes)Take a drive to scenic Trinidad, a town overlooking the ocean. Walk the beach, explore the rocks, and discover the rich tidepool life. Visit the harbor and watch for otters, harbor seals and seabirds. Extend the trip to Patrick’s Point State Park, where a cliffside trail overlooks a rocky shore with sea lions, seals and birds. 



Dunes_Lanphere_195_288.gif (179182 bytes) From Bay to Dunes: the sandy shores close to Eureka 

Stroll through a fascinating forest full of contorted pines draped with moss, with ground covered in lovely lichens and bear-berry. Emerge onto 60 foot dunes, and walk out to the ocean over rolling sand hills covered in flowering plants. Discover what it takes to survive in this unusual setting. 



Ancient Redwoods and Elk at Prairie Creek 

Elk_251_256.gif (334102 bytes)Take a scenic drive to Prairie Creek Redwoods, with beautiful views of the coastline, forests and lagoons along the way. Look for herds of wild elk and learn about their life histories. Walk in some of the last remaining old-growth Coast Redwood forests, and discover the unique characteristics that have helped these trees survive since the age of the dinosaurs. 



Arcata Marsh and Wild Life Sanctuary: a winter wonderland of birds 

ARC-Marsh_119_.jpg (129596 bytes)Hundreds of thousands of birds spend the winter in this marsh which is also a world-renowned municipal water treatment facility.  Enjoy the sight of wheeling flocks of birds taking flight to avoid a Peregrine Falcon, get close up views of egrets and ducks feeding in the ponds, and find out what’s so special about this place. 


    More possibilities:

Redwood forests, coastal mountains, sand dunes, rocky beaches and high prairies – all are within an hour’s drive of Eureka!  Elk live their entire lives here, while gray whales migrate along the coast, and shorebirds abound during the winter. Wildflowers color the landscape in spring, and fall turns maples into gold. Depending on the season, your special interests, and your time frame, we can tailor a trip to fit your needs. 


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